10 Rat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The symbolisms and meaning for the Rat are often feared and misunderstood. If we only learn about it, we will find out that most of them are actually positive. They always survive despite how many human attempts there was to eradicate them.

Rat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Rat Symbolism & Meaning

While we view Rats as pests, their behavior is solely based on survival. A female Rat can give birth to thousands of babies in a year representing fertility. They have also been linked to adaptability and quick wit, and so, their symbolism and meaning are actually good.

Just like how they steal food and tend to risk their lives for it, they are considered brave. They somehow get to your food no matter how much you try to hide it from plain sight, implying that they are resourceful.

Rats are also known to be helpful and caring. They have been observed to open cages to free other Rats as well as share their food with others.

Rat Spirit Animal

Rats are sometimes used for laboratory experiments because they are intelligent creatures who learn from experience and are said to possess foresight. Hence, if they are your spirit animal, they can teach you how to learn from your previous experiences — both good and bad. They want you to become wiser and to plan ahead so that your path to success is easier and less difficult.

Because they have foresight, they can help with opportunities and knows all about good timing. If a Rat approaches you as your spirit animal, the message is about overcoming a future challenge. Good thing you can ask them for support and guidance.

Rat Power Animal

If you are having trouble letting go of your inhibitions, calling on the Rat as your power animal goes a long way. The Rat knows which things to let go of and which ones are worth to keep.

Should you be having a hard time about surviving a current season in your life, the Rat is very much willing to teach you its ways. Just make sure to consider that some of those tips may be over the top and could potentially hurt other people.

Other than that, the Rat can help you survive whatever is thrown at you. They will be helpful even when you just need some confidence about achieving your goals in life.

Rat Totem Animal

People under the Rat totem likes to get things done quickly in whatever way necessary. They are not afraid to take one for the team or get their hands dirty, if it means they will achieve their goals. While this shows bravery, try not to be extreme and end up being reckless.

Obstacles and negativity doesn’t bring these people down but rather pushes them to succeed even more. Plus, they fight for what they want and what they believe in. Since they make good of what they currently have and are very resourceful, they can be very creative and often come up with ingenious ideas to share with other people. They are very adaptable and knows how to blend in within groups of people, getting along with them despite how different they are from each other.

While they are great with socializing, people with the Rat totem puts too much value on things that they can be labelled as greedy and selfish. They might even hurt those that are in their way to achieve their goals in life.

Rat people are great business people as they are instinctive and almost always alert and outgoing. They are innately intelligent and good with figuring things out. This trait is perfect for solving problems creatively.

Rat Native American Symbolism

The Native American people also viewed Rats as symbols of survival and grit. They believed that Rats represent being able to tough out illnesses and diseases, and being able to thrive with only a little amount of resources.

Rat Celtic Symbolism

As Rats are considered sly creatures, the Celts have attributed them the symbolism for cleverness, as well as a good sense of direction. They believed these as Rats have the ability to track its desires despite obstacles. Rats would often fight for their stolen goods, which is why they also represent both courage and aggression.

Rat Far Eastern Symbolism

The ancient Chinese worshipped the Rat as a godly creature for they noticed how it can survive catastrophes. As they are considered gods, people used to offer sacrifices and pray to ask for success and prosperity.

On the other hand, some believed that they are only messengers who communicate with the gods to predict good and bad luck. Additionally, they were used to describe people who were clever and resilient.

Rat in Dreams

While dreaming of a Rat could mean potentially new enemies and rivals, if the dream involves them digging tunnels under your house, it means that you will survive a coming obstacle.

However, if you dream of chasing a Rat, it means that there is a traitor within your social circle, and should the dream include you catching it, it means that you will be betrayed soon. Be that as it may, you will be lucky if the Rat in your dream is dead.

There is also one dream specific to married women that if they dream of holding house Rats in the palm of their hands, it means they are going to have a baby.

Rat Encounters / Rat Omens

Encounters with Rats could be a warning that you have been consuming things in a wasteful manner. Since Rats also represent resources and excess, it could also mean that you have to start letting go of things that are not helpful to you anymore, and nor does it give your life additional meaning. If you have been hoarding and holding on to stuff that aren’t even usable anymore, consider throwing them out and replacing them with new ones.

Another possible message is that they want you to share your blessings with the people around you. It is a reminder to go out of your way and help those in need. It is a plea for kindness and generosity.

Rat Mythology and Folklore

While the term “Rat king” is meant to describe the entanglement of a bunch of Rats, there was a folklore from which it is said to have originated. There was once an elder Rat who the rest of the Rats have looked up to as he was very wise. The other Rats revere him so much that they tied their tails together to raise him up proclaiming him as their Rat king.

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