10 Goose Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Geese may seem very unimposing, but they are capable of some very remarkable feats. For example, a type of Goose (the bar-headed Goose) has the highest migratory flight paths so far recorded. Even the great eagles do not soar as high as these birds.

Goose Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Geese can also be intensely familial, being aggressive even against larger foes when it feels that it or its kin are in danger. This stands in stark contrast with the popular portrayal of Geese as silly or freaky animals. Just like most other spirit animals, it takes a closer look and an open mind to understand the myriad of symbolisms attached to the Geese.

Goose Symbolism & Meaning

Geese are animal embodiments of faithfulness. As migratory birds, they take off with their flock towards warmer climates when the cold hits. Sometimes, they have to make difficult journeys, over long distances and through harsh mountain passes. During this entire journey, the flock watches out for each other. Should misfortune befall one of the flock, another will stay behind and by its side in order to nurse it back to health, or to see it take its last breath. Only when either of these conditions are met can the Goose resume its journey and rejoin with the flock.

This is a kind of behavior often seen only in creatures of a higher intelligence, and the fact that Geese adhere to this is a remarkable thing. It reminds us that kindness, compassion, faith, and loyalty are not always the high values we make them out to be. Sometimes, they are nothing but the bare necessities needed in a functioning group or society.

Goose Spirit Animal

When the Goose comes in as your spirit animal, it is time to trust your inner compass and navigate your way through whatever phase your life is in right now. You may be smooth sailing, or you may be passing through a particularly rough patch. Whichever it is, it is important not to just let outside circumstances dictate how you will live your life. Ultimately, you are the one at the helm, and you are the only one responsible for your course.

The inherent danger when living in a flock is the tendency to live another person’s life. We may have identified ourselves so much with another person close to us that we may identify their dreams and decisions as ours. While in various circumstances this can be helpful, make sure not to get so consumed by this way of thinking that you forget your own.

Goose Power Animal

Geese are powerful communicators. This does not just mean they know how to honk loudly and clearly for everyone to hear, they are also good at relaying messages from one part of the flock to another. This can come in very handy especially mid-flight, so they can warn each other of potential danger and collect more information from everyone on ideal landing sites.

Hence, if you need to reach your intended audience through any media, call on the power of the Goose. Subtlety isn’t a Goose’s strong point, but that is not what you need when your message needs to have a rippling effect. What you need is a loud, strong, and clear message that people will understand.

Goose Totem Animal

People who are born under the Goose totem are generally reliable, and are pretty ambitious. They may move from place to place, occupation to occupation, or even relationship to relationship just to find what suits them best. But don’t think of them as fickle, as they carry their dignity to match their ambition.

Goose people also have a good sensibility, and are able to steadily navigate even tough situations. They know where they stand and do not doubt themselves. When this normalcy gets upset, however, the Goose could easily get lost unless it re-orients himself to its inner workings.

Goose Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, especially the northern tribes, the Goose is symbolic of cooperation. They are able to feel each other out, and they know exactly what each member of the flock needs in order to survive and thrive.

Aside from this, the Goose is also an important compass that helps give one directions towards fulfilling personal journey. The Goose helps with persevering to complete these quests, helping the worthy achieve a higher sense of self.

Goose Celtic Symbolism

To the ancient Celtic, the Goose is a symbol of loyalty to home. When family is at stake, the Goose rises up to show a fierce display of protectiveness. This makes them an important social symbol because the same qualities are admired in ancient Celtic communities.

Goose Far Eastern Symbolism

There are two types of Geese in Chinese poetry. The more prominent one is the wild Goose, which is reminiscent of a messenger of love. This is due to their penchant for migrating over long distances, bearing messages from loved ones from far away.

When the Goose appears alone, to the Chinese it is a symbol of loss, either of a family member or a significant other.

Goose in Dreams

When you dream of a Goose, it may be warning you not to act without a good plan. Planning is one of the most important keys to success. We should take inspiration from how the Goose plans its journey even before its flight. While no plan ever gets to the battlefield unchanged, having a plan is better than winging it all the way through. A plan gives you a working framework, allowing you to make changes on the fly rather than starting from scratch.

Goose Encounters / Goose Omens

When you see a Goose, it is time for you to embark on your own journey of inner joy! You may be stagnant, or you may have tossed aside your own plans in order to live someone else’s life and dreams. The Goose is exhorting you to let go and follow it in flight.

Goose Mythology and Folklore

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the earth god Geb is sometimes depicted with a Goose’s head. It is also a sacred animal of Juno, the queen of the gods, along with Artemis, the huntress. Aside from this, we always hear stories from the fabled Mother Goose, whose name symbolizes the communicative qualities of the namesake bird.

The Goose may be loud and rowdy, but it gives us a very important life message we cannot afford to miss.

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