10 Basswood Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Basswood Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Basswood Tree Facts

There are 950 trees native to North America according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. One of them is the Basswood Tree, scientifically called tilia americana, which is also called American Linden.

The Basswood Tree is a large deciduous tree. It has heart-shaped leaves with jagged edges. Its fragrant flowers are small, can vary from white to yellow in color, and popular choice for insects and bees.

Basswood Tree Uses

Basswood Tree is also called the honeybee or bee tree. The flowers bloom in June and July producing a nectar that attracts bees, butterflies, and other insects. Basswood Tree honey is among the prized exotic honeys because of its uniqueness. The honey has a floral scent to it. It has a strong flavor with several taste notes such as rose, lime, mint, and pineapple.

The Basswood Tree honey and dried flowers also have medicinal properties. Both are commonly used to treat cough, colds, flu, indigestion, and sore throat. However, consumption of tea made from the Basswood Tree flowers should be in moderation.

Being a softwood, the Basswood is a perfect option for beginners in carving. It has an even and very little grain, light cream in color wood ideal for both small and large carvings.

Basswood Tree History

The Basswood Tree originated in North America, growing mostly in the eastern and southern areas. The bark of the tree has been used by Native Americans to make ropes, baskets, and rugs. This fibrous material is called “bast,” hence the name was later known as the Basswood Tree.

Basswood Tree Positive Symbolism

With all the medicinal properties of the Basswood Tree, it is believed to be a symbol of good health and healthy living. Every part of the tree can be used to treat various conditions plus it produces honey that is good for the health, too.

The Basswood Tree is also a symbol of protection. The tree can grow up to 70 to 80 feet in height. It provides a large shade during the day. Those who need relief from the sun can stay under the Basswood Tree.

In some cultures, important meetings and outdoor celebrations are performed under the shade of the Basswood Tree. It is also believed that the Basswood Tree can protect against evil and negativity that is why it is planted near homes and buildings to protect the family.

Romans and Germans associate the Basswood Tree to love and luck. Weddings were usually celebrated under the Basswood Tree for two reasons. First, a person cannot lie in front of the Basswood Tree which means that those making their vows before it are honest, sincere, and faithful. Second, the large shade of the Basswood Tree provides a great venue for an outdoor wedding. Symbols of happiness, love, and prosperity were eventually associated with the Basswood Tree because of these joyous celebrations.

Basswood Tree Negative Symbolism

Being also called the American Linden, the Basswood Tree would have similar symbolism to lindens. The Basswood Tree is a softer and lesser dense than many other hardwoods embodying to have developed an impulsive attitude towards attackers. It is believed that harming a linden tree brings bad luck. It is a form of retribution to punish the offenders.

Basswood Tree Cultural Symbolism

Every part of the Basswood Tree has a significant use. However, in the Appalachian region in the United States, the Basswood Tree is considered as one of the pointer trees. If a person sees a Basswood Tree, it means that certain plants such as ginseng can be found nearby.

The Basswood Tree is said to symbolize the German goddess Freya and the Norse goddess Frigga. These are the goddesses of love, fertility, and marriage. The medicinal properties and abundance of flowers and fruits of the Basswood Tree are seen as nurturing and motherly which is why this tree is associated with Freya. Its heart-shaped leaves also indicate love.

In the Bible, the leaves of the Basswood Tree symbolize the sacred heart of Jesus because of its heart shape. It is also mentioned that the penance of Mary Magdalene was to sleep in a bed of Basswood Tree leaves. The leaves represent Mary Magdalene’s unconditional love. In Poland, the Basswood Tree is associated with the Virgin Mary. Her shrines were placed near the Basswood Tree and sculptures for her grotto were made from the wood of the tree.

Basswood Tree Zodiac Sign

The Basswood Tree is ruled by the planet Jupiter. People born under Jupiter are optimistic, generous, and helpful. The star signs Leo and Sagittarius and Chinese zodiac Tiger are under the sign of Jupiter. They are associated with the Basswood Tree as well. People born under the Basswood Tree have the opportunity for growth in all aspects of their life. This explains their optimism and aspirations for fame, prosperity, and political career.

Basswood Tree in Dreams

Overall, the Basswood Tree is a bearer of good news when it appears in a dream. It means abundance, happiness, and good health will come to you. If you are having difficult times, the Basswood Tree promises good results and protection while you are vulnerable. Sitting under the Basswood Tree can mean that you are looking for peace and stability in your life.

It is also believed that the Basswood Tree can represent a dead relative or loved one who is watching over you. This person is praying for your success or maybe protecting you.

Basswood Tree Omens and Superstitions

Women who want to get pregnant may pray to the goddess of fertility, Freya, by hugging the tree and wish to become pregnant. In addition of Freya being the wife of Odin, it is said that the Basswood Tree will never be struck by lightning.

It has also protective properties against evil having people planted near houses and buildings to ward off lightning and evil. Others use the Basswood Tree as roofing material as it can withstand rain and wind.

Basswood Tree Mythology and Folklore

In Slavic mythology and other beliefs, the Basswood Tree is a feminine. Souls of women reside in Basswood Trees and the same tree is also used to make crosses to mark their graves. They also attribute wisdom to the Basswood Tree as it has a long lifespan. Hence, they usually make important decisions and celebrations under a Basswood Tree since they believe that the tree will guide them with its wisdom.

In Baltic mythology, the Basswood Tree represents luck and fertility. It is a sacred tree dedicated to the goddess of fate Laima. Laima decides fortune of human life. This is why women come to the Basswood Tree to ask Laima’s help in arranging weddings, protection during pregnancy, and in determining the destiny of a child during childbirth.

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