10 Ant Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

We all grew up hearing the story of the Ant and the grasshopper. Since we were children, we have been taught to follow the patience of the Ant. But on top of this, the Ant is also a very fascinating creature.

Ants are among the most organized creatures of all, which is especially remarkable considering they are insects! They have a well-defined hierarchy, with very specific workloads for each member.

Indeed, we humans could learn so much from these tiny creatures!

Ant Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Ant Symbolism & Meaning

Ants are the perfect symbol of social order. They get to their duties like clockwork, and they never stray from their job descriptions.

This has many meanings. Of course, the Ant is a lasting symbol of tenacity and patience. They also have a willpower that is rarely seen in nature. Imagine having to do only one thing, everyday, for the rest of your lives! And yet they have a remarkable sense of social structure, and they endure this willingly.

Ants are also powerful, and this is a symbolism that too few people pay attention to. Ants have remarkable strength, and can carry over 20 times their weight. If that were translated to human size, that means a normal person would be able to lift almost a ton!

Ant Spirit Animal

When the Ant appears as your spirit animal, it is a guide to help you take things slow. Notice that despite everything the Ant does, it moves at a steady pace. It does not rush, but neither does it lounge around!

This is a reminder that every task that we do could be far better (and feel less tiring) if we do not rush. The world is tough enough as it is without us trying to force things. This could potentially drive us to making mistakes, which would take even more effort to fix. Sure, there are opportunities to be had with one’s quick thinking and fast reactions, but there are even more doors that could open when we approach cautiously and strategically.

Ant Power Animal

One of the problems of the current generation that few pay attention to is the propensity to stray from one’s path. To some, this tendency masks as the drive to “seek greener pastures”. While such a reasoning may sometimes be legitimate, there are many more times when this becomes just an excuse to drop what someone is doing.

Sometimes, we recognize that there really is value in what we are doing. But we could also find ourselves being swayed from continuing. If this is the case, call on the power of the Ant. The Ant stays on the path no matter how long the journey is. It is a path that has been marked by those who came before it, and it trusts that this path is the right one.

Ant Totem Animal

As a totem animal, the Ant influences a person to be a consummate planner. Most Ant people never plunge into anything without a very well-detailed plan. At the very least, they have a rough draft of things. They also have a plan B, anytime something fails.

Despite this, an Ant person also has very good social skills. This is largely because they too are dependent on society for most of their needs. They rely on social order to help them navigate in life. They rest well when they know that they have people they love watching their backs. Take these away, and they tend to get lost.

Ant Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Ant is a spirit that fosters hard work and cooperation. Hence, this spirit is called upon when there is work to be done by the community. There are also legends that Ants can predict earthquakes, especially among the tribes in the California region.

The Ant also poses the lesson of slowing down to Native American people. Apparently, rushing things isn’t just a problem for our time! The Ant is a reminder that the more we hurry, the more we tend to miss things.

Ant Celtic Symbolism

The Ant does not appear in Celtic culture. Instead, the Ant’s strength is given to the bull, but its connection to social order has not been attributed to other animals.

Ant Far Eastern Symbolism

To the Far Eastern cultures, the Ant can take on different meanings. In the Philippines, Ants are thought to bring good luck to households. In China, the Ant is a creature of virtue, likened to citizens who are willing to serve their country. In fact, the Chinese phonetics for “Ant” is similar to “virtue”.

Ant in Dreams

When you see an Ant in dreams, it is time to look at the minor annoyances that are bugging you in life. What do these annoyances represent? Should they be enough to drive you away from your goal? Ants, too, have their share of troubles. They are no match against the forces of nature, and we are not even counting the other creatures (humans among them) that try to get them. Despite this, Ants still trudge in their way, doing their best and striving to accomplish their work!

Ant Encounters / Ant Omens

When you see Ants, it is encouraging you to move forward. Many times we want to know how things will end before we proceed, and this often leads us to fearing the unknown. When we fear, we lose track of the magic of the journey before us! Like the Ant, though, it should be enough to have a plan. Take the first step, then another — time will come when we will realize that this is indeed the right path.

Ant Mythology and Folklore

In Islamic culture, the Ant was said to have taught Solomon his ways of wisdom. To the Indians, the Ant brings prosperity so long as it is treated kindly. Because of this, Indians leave sugar near Ant hills as an act of charity. In the United States, Ants have a less benevolent meaning — being bit by an Ant means that an argument or discord is going to ensue.

When was the last time you paid attention to the lowly Ant? It is time to rediscover it, and to once again see how it relates to our state as humans.

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