10 Alligator / Crocodile Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Just like sharks, Alligators are among the more feared carnivorous animals. Their large jaws and teeth are an unwelcome sight, unless one views them from safety in a zoo. Their uncanny speed on both land and water, along with their ferocity, have earned them an unsavory reputation.

But because of this, once more, most of us fail to look past the imagined slights of the Alligator and into the interesting animal beneath. The Alligator possesses primal energy, a spirit that comes from the time of genesis. It is a creative spirit that teaches us about gaining new knowledge which we could use to make our lives — and the world — a better place.

Alligator / Crocodile Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Alligator / Crocodile Symbolism & Meaning

The Alligator hides surprising strength in its body. Despite its short legs, it can sprint and run down escaping prey. Such an ability is similar to the state of human potential. In each of us is a powerful driving force, a strength we can unleash during times of need.

The thing is, for most of us releasing this potential waits for an external stimuli, such as danger or distress. The Alligator, on the other hand, can use its abilities at will. With practice, and a self-understanding that can only be reached through introspection, the Alligator teaches us that we can also do the same.

Alligator / Crocodile Spirit Animal

When the Alligator comes in as your spirit animal, it is a reminder to be aware of your various skills and talents, and to be able to use them accordingly. The Alligator, being amphibious, is formidable on both land and water. Its short legs, though they look unwieldy, helps regulate its body heat. The tails are powerful that it can be used to either swim or swipe prey’s feet. Its jaws, among the most powerful in the world, never let go of their prey. Each part of the Alligator adds to the whole, and it should be the same for us.

The Alligator’s versatility is also an important lesson in survival. We may live in a wilderness of our own, but we have to trust in ourselves and in our ability to wear out all challenges.

Alligator / Crocodile Power Animal

When you see an opportunity that you need to catch whatever the cost, the Alligator is your best friend. You need strength, speed, and tenacity — traits that the Alligator has in spades.

The Alligator is also a great power animal when you feel you are stuck in an endless, tiring cycle. You need to break free, and unleash your potential to create something new. The Alligator’s primal energies can help you with this. This power can be called upon in various circumstances, from something menial like breaking a monotonous routine, to something life-changing like breaking a depressive cycle.

Because the Alligator is also so well-attuned to the energies of the world, it can be called upon should you need to understand and ride the ebb and flow of energy about you. Putting a finger on the energies of your surroundings can help reveal both warning signs and opportunities.

Alligator / Crocodile Totem Animal

People who are born under the Alligator totem are naturally fierce, striving for success with a passion that few other people can match. They are always goal oriented, and they have good work ethics.

Alligator people are also very honest, and this could be to a fault. They aren’t always great with tact, so they could end up hurting those they care about with their honesty. This is why the Alligator totem goes best with other totems that focus on diplomacy and people skills.

Alligator / Crocodile Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Alligator is a villain whose exploits are foiled by their traditional animal heroes. The exception here is the Alligator’s portrayal in the South Eastern regions, where they are hunting guides that teach humans how to hunt in a way that does not hurt nature. This is in keeping their affinity with primal forces, including those energies of nature. Some tribes have Alligator totems, and their people trace their ancestry to Alligators.

Alligator / Crocodile Celtic Symbolism

The ancient Celts had not attributed any special meaning to the Alligator as a spirit animal. However, the Alligator’s strength and potential can be attributed to the bull, whose power is just as formidable.

Alligator / Crocodile Far Eastern Symbolism

The Chinese have coexisted with Alligators since time immemorial, as the creature resided in the banks of the Yang Tze — the same river that cradled the Chinese civilization in its infancy. To them, the Alligator is a bringer of rains and a fertile harvest. There are also some beliefs that the Chinese dragon originated from Alligators.

Alligator / Crocodile in Dreams

When you dream of an Alligator, look into yourself and try to find that hidden reserve of power. This power may be exactly what you need to get out of a current predicament.

Alligator Crocodile Encounters / Alligator Crocodile Omens

The Alligator often comes to those who need counsel, especially when they are facing a difficult decision in their lives. They could also come to people who need to be aware of possible ill-intent from those around them. The Alligator stands for truth, and it does not like it when there are people close to you who are manipulating you or lying to you. Hence, when the Alligator shows itself, take a quick look around you and assess the intent of those you are with.

Alligator / Crocodile Mythology and Folklore

There are various cultures that believe the Alligator is among those called to safeguard ancient knowledge. This knowledge is often put to creative use. There are also stories of the Alligator living underneath the ocean, supporting the weight of the world on its back.

In the Mayan astrology, the Alligator (known as the Imix) is the first day sign and influences creative and cooperative efforts. The Alligator may often be misunderstood and feared by humans, but it does its job without fail. At the very least, this should stand as an inspiration for us. The Alligator may be a keeper of knowledge, but it is willing to share if only we let it!

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