10 Sparrow Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

On many days, we may have spend the time looking at Sparrows flitting on the trees. We look at these birds, observing their carefree nature, and forget about them almost immediately after we lose sight of them.

Little did we know that we are looking at powerful spirit animals. The Sparrow can mean anything from productivity to safety and protection, and if we care to spare more than a passing glimpse for these birds, we will see many traits that could make a lasting impact in our lives.

Sparrow Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Sparrow Symbolism & Meaning

Perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from the Sparrow is its abundance of self-worth. It may be small, but it is by no means insignificant. This is evident in the way the Sparrow flits and hops, a sign of joy and self-love. It is only from here that other factors such as self-confidence may emanate.

Self-worth is extremely important, because this is a trait that dwells directly in one’s spirit. It means not underestimating what one can do, no matter the level of one’s gifts or handicaps. It means being able to work hard to reach one’s goals, not just for their sake but because you know that those goals matter not just to you, but to those around you.

Sparrow Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, a Sparrow inspires the virtue of being goal-oriented. This is manifested in two forms — hard work, and the ability to work smoothly as a team.

The Sparrow sheds a different light on the common idea that hard work must be tedious and boring. We see them definitely enjoying themselves, even in the midst of finding and collecting food. And this act is no small matter, for collecting food defines the Sparrow’s very survival. And yet they go about it with merry abandon!

As well, the Sparrow serves as inspiration for us who may be taking on goals that are much larger than ourselves. Only by banding together with like-minded people can these goals be achieved. A lone Sparrow can surely find and gather all the food needed to keep his next means of living, but he will undoubtedly have a difficult time. With help from his fellows, though, nothing is too hard!

Sparrow Power Animal

As power animals, the Sparrow flits down and inspires us towards positivity. This does not just mean positive thoughts and inspiration, but it also translates to energy that will keep us driven until the finish line.

Such inspiration and energy does not come at a cost though. The Sparrow is small and light, and the way it moves is just so unburdened. Hence it will do well for us to imitate it, and drop away our own burdens that weigh us down. This can come in all shapes and sizes, from emotional baggage to limiting beliefs that prey upon our minds, forming glass ceilings we cannot break through. When we let go of the things that hold us back, though, glass turns to vapor and we can soar through!

Sparrow Totem Animal

Those born under the Sparrow totem are naturally joyful. This doesn’t just mean they can find joy in the things around them, this also means that they can find joy and peace internally, knowing they are where they should be and they are doing what they should be doing.

These people are the holders of life’s few incorruptible truths — that no matter who you are, you cannot be truly happy unless you are happy within yourself. Friends and riches aside, true happiness can come only by being grateful for oneself.

Sparrow Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans had not made the Sparrow an official part of their pantheon, overshadowed as it is by the bigger and more “significant” winged creatures such as the eagle, the condor, and the raven. It is interesting to note, however, that all birds in the Native American symbolism pertain to magical creatures that act as messengers between the planes. The joy and self-worth that the Sparrow inspires is, in fact, no less than magical!

Sparrow Celtic Symbolism

The Sparrow did not appear in Celtic tradition, but it did rise up as a symbol of harmony in early Britain. Later on, the Sparrow evolved to symbolize the lower classes who strive to live under the shadow of their lords.

Sparrow Far Eastern Symbolism

The Sparrow also did not appear in the symbolism of the Far East, though they did appear frequently in illustrations — often to depict an idyllic and peaceful landscape.

Sparrow in Dreams

When a Sparrow is in your dreams, be alert in your waking life! You will be encountering a chance to fulfill a secret desire, one that will make one of your dear wishes come true. Work hard, and don’t waste the moment lest it passes you forever!

Sparrow Encounters / Sparrow Omens

When a Sparrow appears in your waking life, it exhorts you to see past the barriers set by convention and “common sense”. Sometimes these are helpful for social harmony, but there are also times when these are simply roadblocks that hinder you from setting your sights on the real goal. The Sparrow symbolizes triumph despite the odds, and though it might not be physically imposing, it makes up for size with determination.

Sparrow Mythology and Folklore

In Ancient Greece, the Sparrow was one of the symbols of the goddess Aphrodite. It was believed that the goddess of love kept a Sparrow as a pet, and hence it became, in extension, a symbol of love.

In the Middle Ages, the Sparrow was also the star of several stories told by the peasants — stories of heroism that told of battles against bears, wolves, and other predatory creatures. While the stories were pure fiction, they did accurately depict the state of the times, and the strength that the people of the time can call upon from this little winged creature. Perhaps this is a strength that we are all due, even in our day and age.

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