10 Bumblebee Symbolism, Myths & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Many people only started paying attention to Bumblebees when the Transformers series of movies hit theaters. But Bumblebees have been inspiring people for eons, serving as a reminder to trust one’s instincts and to believe that no matter how hard one’s problems appear to be, help will always come.

Bumblebee Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

In nature, a Bumblebee colony is among the most organized of all, right up there with ants. They have well-defined delineations of work, and they tend to build elaborate homes. They also fulfill a very important ecological function. See those beautiful flowers that you admire along the way to work or school? Those would not be possible without pollination by Bees as they hunt for nectar. Bees carry a lot of meaning as spirit animals, and we are well-advised to learn from them.

Bumblebee Symbolism & Meaning

A Bumblebee is a very productive animal. Hence, its most common message is the achievement of one’s goals through diligent work. Just imagine the Bee, harvesting nectars and transforming them into honey. Now, honey isn’t just that thick, sweet substance you drizzle on your cereal bowl. Honey is an “everlasting” product, meaning it has never been known to spoil through time. Ancient Egyptians have kept jars of honey buried with their pharaohs, and when these were discovered centuries later, the honey is still good as new!

Bumblebees are telling us to take what’s out there — the nectar of wild flowers — and work with them in pursuit of timeless and eternal goals. These may be lofty, and this may not be easy, but once we achieve them (with the help of others) then it is an achievement no one will ever forget.

Bumblebee Spirit Animal

When the Bee buzzes into your life as a spirit animal, it is time to take charge of your responsibilities. We all have a set of jobs we have to do everyday, whether at home, school, or the office. These are commonly determined by our place in society. There may come a time when we let dissent brew, when we think we deserve something more than what we do. Now, this may be true — but if what we need to do is urgent and important, we need to do them anyway before we can start planning for something bigger. The ground needs to be cleared before the house is erected.

Bees also have their own tasks set upon them by society. They do not deviate from these tasks, but they know that they have to go through these if they are to produce their timeless honey!

Bumblebee Power Animal

If you need to muster up persistence, especially against stubborn odds, then the Bee is your perfect power animal. These little flyers not only do their jobs tirelessly, but they could also become very dogged when achieving a goal. Have you ever seen someone being chased by Bumblebees? These Bees can wait over bodies of water just to take a stab at the offender when he surfaces again.

Also, the Bee is a rarity in the insect world. Other creatures, like dragonflies, are aerodynamic and very well-suited to flying. Birds, of course, are the best example of this. But Bees are not aerodynamic, and hence they shouldn’t even be able to sustain flight. But they exert a lot of effort, flapping their wings so hard that they generate the buzzing sound we all know them for. They found a way around their limitations, and they can grant us the power to do the same.

Bumblebee Totem Animal

“Busy as a Bee” is the best way to describe people who hail these creatures as their totem animals. However, there is an aspect to them that we rarely see. They are only able to sustain such great levels of activity because they are so good at managing their energy levels! They know what they have to do, and they know exactly how to do it. They “head in a beeline” towards their goal using the most efficient means available. Don’t expect a Bee person to be flashy, but expect them to be incredibly efficient.

Bumblebee Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Bee is mostly an obscurity. The few records of Bees we have from them hail Bees as protectors of nature. We are warned not to disrespect them or their homes, as they can defend themselves as fiercely as warriors.

Bumblebee Celtic Symbolism

The ancient Celts viewed Bees as protected animals. This is largely because honey is the main ingredient in making mead, the drink and nectar of the gods in paradise. Bees are also seen as messengers from the spirit realm — such so that when people died, Bees are informed of the death trusting them to take the news everywhere!

Bumblebee Far Eastern Symbolism

Because of their busy nature, Bees are considered business totems in commerce-first China. They may be partnered with the symbolism of the bamboo, signifying abundance.

In India, the Bee is a symbol of rebirth and psychic manifestations.

Bumblebee in Dreams

When you see Bumblebees in dreams, this means you will succeed in your project. Often, this success comes from the help that other people extend to you. They can also be omens of good luck, or the attainment of a goal.

Bumblebee Encounters / Bumblebee Omens

When you see a Bee, it is time to get creative! There may be a problem or task at hand you can solve faster and more efficiently when you think outside the box.

Bumblebee Mythology and Folklore

The power of human imagination and the many different ways in which people have been trying to make sense of what goes on around us can be attested to by myths, folklore, and stories from a range of societies throughout the world.

We find mythology captivating because of how frequently animals feature in these tales. Starting with the cunning fox of Native American folklore and concluding with the enormous dragon of Chinese mythology, animals have played a crucial role in influencing our views of the world and how we fit within it.

We’ll explore a variety of myths, folktales, and legendary stories in this section relating to one particular species: the Bumblebee. Its association with success and fortune in Chinese mythology and its role as a messenger of the dead in European traditions are just two of the numerous ways that this inconspicuous insect has caught the attention of several different cultures.

By looking into the myths and legends behind the Bumblebee, we could gain more knowledge of how different cultures see this tiny insect and how it has contributed to their customs and ways of life. So, grab a cup of tea and join us as we explore the amazing world of Bumblebee stories.

A Conduit
Emblems of Healing
Good Fortune
The Afterlife
The Sun’s Beams
Zeus and Aphrodite
Omen of Perseverance
Messengers of the Gods
House Guardians

In conclusion, Bumblebees have played a major role in many cultures and religious traditions across the world, representing multiple meanings like house defenders, divine messengers, and carriers of luck and wealth. These concepts demonstrate the close connection between humans and the natural world and also recognize the value of Bumblebees to the ecosystem. Bumblebees, however, face a number of challenges, such as habitat destruction, changing climates, and the use of pesticides. Yet, people are beginning to recognize their importance and put forward efforts to protect and care for them.

We may learn further about the meaning of Bumblebees in our society by exploring all the historical stories and beliefs that surround them. As we work to establish a stronger bond with our planet, Bumblebees serve as a reminder of the value and beauty of life there as well.

So, whenever you see a Bumblebee, stop to acknowledge their efforts of love and understand the important function they play in the ecology of the world. And who knows? Maybe that tinny hum is a supernatural message or a sign of success and fortune!

5 thoughts on “10 Bumblebee Symbolism, Myths & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal”

  1. Roberta Davis says:

    I had the strangest experience with a bumble bee today at my mom houses.She passed away in Dec and we were over there cleaning up…She has plastic over her windows and I heard a really loud buzzing.So I went over to the kitchen window and there was this huge bumble bee sitting on the ledge inside the plastic.So me being the animal lover I am started to talk to it..(no I am not crazy) I asked it what he was doing in there and then I put my finger up to the plastic and this bee came right up to my finger and lifted up his front leg and touched me…I got the strangest feeling over that so I did it again a few time and this bee came back at me with his leg…I do believe in ghost and I truly have a feeling that this bee was some one in my family contacting me..this house is 100 years old and was built by my great grandfather and always was lived in by family…any feeling on this ?????

    1. Janoah says:

      A Bumblebee was flying arround my head when I was filming the sunrise the day after a special uncle transitioned. It really was flying close to my ear and making that buzzing sound. I only got a notice from my family later. Many more insects have in some or other way communicated with me. Many people miss out on these things I guess. Your message brought me some special insight about my mother communicating with me trough insects as well, so I am grateful for your post. I somehow like to keep the details of that private tough. xoxo Janoah

    2. Spiritual says:

      They taste with their legs. Are you diabetic or have hypoglycemia? I also believe and don’t think you’re crazy. I’m clairaudient/clairvoyant/medium. spiritualbygodsgrace@gmail.com
      Instagram @spiritualbygodsgrace

  2. Lamb says:

    I just accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and only way to God in heaven. Today I asked God what I can do for him. I spent the day outside and a bee kept coming to me. Trying to land on me. It succeed but did not hurt me. The bee approached me 6 times. Idk why I kept calling it a bumble bee. So I decided to look this u and what I read is a confirmation to me to do Gods work in Jesus’s name. I’ve also been working on starting a business and realized God wants me to spread his message through it. Thank you Lord. Amen.

    1. Myra says:

      When I was a little girl about 4 years old Bumblebees would sting me for no reason at all. Instead of chasing after my siblings who were bigger than me they would stick to my face and sting me. I don’t why because I wasn’t fighting them. My siblings would run from them but they seemed to only want to stick to my face. And boy would I cry.

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