10 Avocado Fruit Symbolism & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Avocado Fruit Symbolism Facts & Literature: Astrology, Omens, Dreams, and Legends

Avocado Fruit Symbolism & Meaning

Throughout the centuries, the Avocado Fruit has always been a fruit that is attributed to passion, love, and fertility. The Avocado Fruit is native to the Americas that the native Mayans and Aztecs typically compare its shape to male testicles, earning the fruit’s inaccurate reputation of being an aphrodisiac up until modern times.

The Avocado Fruit is one of the most popular fruits in Mesoamerica and even today. This made the Avocado Fruit a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Avocados are believed to be signs of adventure and growth, both physically and mentally.

A more modern symbolic meaning for the Avocado Fruit is health and nutrition, especially amongst fitness enthusiasts because of its reputation as one of the power foods that are readily available in the market.

The word Avocado has origins in the Aztec word “auacatl.” A common misconception is that the word auacatl translates to testicles but is actually only used as a euphemism for the male organ by Aztec speakers.

An earlier English name for the Avocado Fruit is avogato derived from the Spanish aguacate. The Avocado Fruit was also once referred to as “alligator pear” due to its textured skin. Today, several organizations makes of the fruit in the emblems.

Avocado Institute of Mexico’s logo is simply a bold typeface AVOCADO with a green lineart of the Avocado Fruit for the institute’s first letter O. This institute was established to monitor sustainable Avocado farming practices in Mexico.

The Avocado Nutrition Center also has a green graphic of an Avocado as the letter O in the word Nutrition. The center’s mission is to build a comprehensive collection of research on Avocado research and to dispel misinformation about the nutritious fruit.

The Avocado Bread Company sells loaves of nutritious sliced bread that is baked with a mixture of grains and guacamole. The company’s emblem is its name inside a tasteful round white frame with green accents and a graphic of a sliced Avocado on top.

The Del Rey Avocado Company is a family-owned business that has provided quality Avocado Fruits to Californians since 1969. Their logo is the company name inside a round yellow frame with two Avocados on each side.

Avocado Green Mattress is a company that crafts organic mattresses, bedding, and pillows. Their logo is a minimalist lineart of the Avocado.

Avocado Fruit Positive & Negative Symbolism

The Avocado Fruit has many positive symbolism surrounding it over the centuries. It is primarily a symbol of passion, fertility, love, and abundance. It also earned the reputation of being a healthy fruit to consume, linking it to health and nutrition.

On the other hand, some misconceptions surround the Avocado Fruit with the negative symbolism of lust and being an aphrodisiac.

Avocado Fruit Origin

The Avocado Fruit’s origins are believed to be in Mesoamerica with evidence of cultivation starting as early as 5,000 BC in Tehuiacan Valley, Puebla, Mexico. For example, the oldest Avocado pit dated to be 9,000 to 10,000 years ago was found in Coxcatlan Cave in Tehuiacan Valley.

More evidence was found of the domestication of the Avocado Fruit in Peru and the popularity of the fruit was spread throughout the centuries throughout the rest of the Americas.

The Avocado Fruit was first brought over to Europe via Spain in 1601 and was later brought to North America in 1825.

Avocado Fruit Cultural Symbolism

The Mayans have always revered the Avocado Fruit. The Avocado iconography has been featured in many Mayan archaeological findings, including as the glyph of the 14th month in the Mayan calendar. Images of the Avocado Fruit were also discovered in Mayan tombs.

The Mayans also plant Avocado trees in sacred gardens with the belief that significant ancestors can be reborn as one of the trees in that garden.

The Aztecs hold the Avocado Fruit in high regard with many Aztec paintings depicting the fruit. They also view the Avocado as a symbol of fertility and passion. They also use the fruit as an aphrodisiac.

In the USA, Avocado Fruits were once banned with the belief that it is a potent aphrodisiac. Nowadays, the Avocado is a desirable fruit for its nutritional content.

Avocado Fruit in Art and Literature

The Avocado Fruit is featured in several notable literary works. American novelist, satirist, and poet, best known for her 1973 novel Fear of Flying, wrote a poem titled “To My Mother and the Avocado Tree.”

Another American author, Sylvia Plath who wrote the classic The Bell Jar, featured the Avocado Fruit in her novel, describing a dish of Avocado halves stuffed with crab meat and mayonnaise. Avocado is also apparently her favorite fruit.

The prolific American children’s book and young adult author Daniel Pinkwater wrote the young adult novel The Snakeout Boys and The Avocado of Death.

There seem to be no famous artworks that featured the Avocado Fruit however, in 2017 expert and amateur food artists started a trend of carving the soft flesh of the Avocado Fruit into intricate works of art. This trend was spearheaded by professional food artist Daniel Barresi.

Avocado Favorite Fruit: Traits and Personality

If your favorite fruit is Avocado, this could mean that you are a passionate person who is prone to choose the path of least resistance. You can be versatile, tasteful, and rarely overbearing.

You also are a confident person at heart that does not say no to competition. With Avocado as your favorite fruit, you pay attention to your health and like to stay fit and active.

Avocado Fruit in Astrology or Zodiac

The Avocado Fruit is the perfect fruit for those born under the zodiac sign of Aries. It is the fruit for winners like the competitive and passionate Aries.

Avocado Fruit in Dreams

When the Avocado Fruit appears in dreams, this could indicate that you are experiencing a time of abundance, passion, and health. This could also mean that there is still room for growth and indulgence.

Avocado Fruit Omens and Superstitions

There are several superstitions surrounding the Avocado Fruit. One is that it cannot be frozen which it can. Another is that keeping the pit in a sliced Avocado will prevent them from browning however, it is actually the lack of oxygen exposure that will keep the Avocados fresh.

Avocado Fruit Legends, Mythology, and Folklore

According to Aztec and Mayan mythology, the Avocado Fruit was a gift to the mortals for nourishment from the creator god Quetzalcoatl, the god of agriculture, rain, and science.

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