10 Maple Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Maple Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Maple Tree Facts

Flag of Canada and pancake syrup – two things that will make you immediately think of the Maple Tree. This tree is well-known around the world even when only grows in the northern hemisphere.

Maple Trees grow in countries with moderate climate such as Asia, North America, and some parts of Europe. The Maple Tree is famous for its leaves, which has five points like a hand and turns blazing red during fall.

Maple Tree Uses

In Canada and other parts of Northern America, varieties of the Maple Trees are widely cultivated. The leaves, fruits, and twigs of the Maple Tree serve as food for forest animals. Aside from its ecological benefits, its sap is turned to syrup and sugar.

Maple syrup has less calories and less fat than other sugar sources and it also contains antioxidants and nutrients. The Maple sugar is also one of the top income-generating industry in the country.

Some Maple Tree varieties are also used for furniture and flooring because of its honey-color and fine grain finish. And, of course, the Maple Tree is an ornamental plant that suits any garden and arboretum. The leaves alone have various colors such as green, yellow, orange, and deep red.

Native Americans also boil the bark and use a concoction to strengthen the health of the liver as well as treat gynecological problems.

Maple Tree History

The Maple Tree is believed to have originated more than 100 million years ago. The Maple Tree has a three-lobed leaf originally and later it evolved to five-lobed leaf. The carbon dating is based on a fossilized Maple Tree found in Alaska although it is believed that the Maple Tree first grew in China. The melting of ice caps distributed the Maple Tree along the northern hemisphere.

The sugar Maple Tree was discovered by Native Americans in North America. Sometime in the 1600s, the first settlers or pilgrims learned about the sugar Maple Tree and this marked the history of the modern Maple Tree.

Maple Tree Positive Symbolism

Due to its green-, yellow-, and red-colored leaves, the Maple Tree symbolizes love, longevity, abundance, and success. The color green is associated with longevity, abundance, and money. Red is also associated with life or longevity and love. Yellow symbolizes life, abundance, and success.

The great Maple Tree is also believed to symbolize great energy, creativity, and intelligence. The Maple Tree can adapt to different soil and different seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall – which is why it is considered as an intelligent tree. This also explains why it is often used as an emblem as it associates to intelligence and vitality. The Maple leaf was once used by the Clan Oliphant and now it is the officially recognized emblem of Canada since 1859.

Maple Tree Negative Symbolism

When stressed, the leaf of the Maple Tree sometimes loses the vibrant color of their leaves that it turns yellow. The leaves may also appear smaller in size or drops earlier than expected. This reflects the stresses of life that overshadows our naivety resulting to our lack of energy and nourishment. A story says of witches taking Maple Tree branches to harness its strength giving them more power.

Maple Tree Cultural Symbolism

In Japan, the Maple Tree is called “kito” which means calm and peace. The Maple Tree symbolizes serenity and peace. Due to its stunning appearance during autumn, the Maple Tree is also a symbol of elegance and beauty. This tree is commonly used in paintings to show love. The color red is also a dominant color in Japan to showcase beauty and youthfulness especially in makeup products.

In China, the Maple Tree is said to have yang attributes and considered a masculine tree. With its mandarin name, the Maple Tree symbolizes high status or moving up to a higher position. This makes the Maple Tree often seen planted in the residences of officials.

Maple Tree Zodiac Sign

Maple Trees, in Feng Shui, is a plant of the fire element. Accordingly, planting a Maple Tree outdoors will invite warmth, inspiration, beauty, and energy into your house.

The Maple Tree is the sign for individuals born on April and October. Based on Celtic zodiac, people born under the Maple Tree possess authority and sociability. They have natural leadership skills and identified to be intelligent. However, their negative traits include pride, inadaptability, and distrust of other people. Women who have the Maple Tree sign have a tendency to impress and be dominant in the relationship.

Maple Tree in Dreams

As the Maple Tree symbolizes success and calm, dreaming of a vibrant and healthy Maple Tree means that you will be victorious in your current situation. Just be strong and calm and you will achieve success. In case you dreamt of cutting the tree or if the tree falls, this can be an indication of separation or family problem.

The color of the leaves also has different meanings. If the leaves are red, this means balance and enjoying the transition. Knowing that the leaves naturally turn red during autumn, it displays of your shifting to another situation like a period of summer to winter. White leaves may indicate peace, serenity, and a period of rest. Falling leaves can indicate that you need to let go.

Maple Tree Omens and Superstitions

Catching a falling Maple Tree leaf on the first day of autumn is a good sign. It can either help you not get sick during the season or rather grant your wish when you blow on the leaf. Nothing bad will happen by catching a leaf falling so you might as well collect Maple Tree leaves.

In Japan, the Momijigari is a yearly ritual of visiting mountains to view the spectacular changing color of leaves. According to a Japanese legend, a deer hunter went to Mount Togakushi and killed a woman demon named Momiji. The ritual is made a reminder of how the demon was defeated and peace was restored. Now, the ritual celebrates the beauty and importance of trees during autumn and it also reminds people of peace.

Maple Tree is also believed to repel evil and evil magic. The Maple Tree can grow tall and has widespread branches. The wide shade provided by the Maple Tree means it can offer great protection to those beneath it. In some European countries, it is customary to put a piece of the Maple Tree on the door as protection.

Maple Tree Mythology and Folklore

Dana is the Celtic goddess of the earth, fertility, and wisdom. Because of its red-colored leaves and association to love, beauty, and intelligence, the Maple Tree is consecrated to the goddess Dana.

In Native American folklore, the Maple Tree is considered as a gift from the creator. However, to prevent the people from being lazy, the people must work to produce the sugar from the sap of the tree.

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