10 Cockroach Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

While Cockroaches are associated with filth and foul matter, their symbolism and meaning goes far more than that. They may be gross but they are one of the longest surviving creatures on this planet. It is believed that they are adapting every year to the point that it is giving them the chance to be unkillable using current methods in the coming few years. Since Cockroaches are known to thrive in the darkest places, we can sure learn from that. Their environment isn’t a good one, so if we but just try and be determined, we can also thrive.

Cockroach Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Cockroach Symbolism & Meaning

Cockroaches are far from being a crowd favorite when it comes to spirit animals. However, we should always keep an open mind as their symbolism are linked to resilience, adaptation and survival. It is believed that they have been on this earth since the time of the dinosaurs.

And while they are creatures who thrive in the dark, embracing the dark can also mean acceptance of oneself and accepting that while we have a bad side, it is our choices that makes us good people. It can reveal the great mysteries of the universe, especially those that can not be easily seen by the naked eye. Cockroaches are adept when it comes to getting to places and they are very creative and sneaky. Cockroaches can live without food for months, and can survive even without their head for about a week because of how their body is structured. This can be perceived as a symbol of determination.

They symbolize authenticity as they never hide their true nature. They don’t care if others like them or not, they just continue living their lives the way they know how.

Cockroach Spirit Animal

While almost everyone would scream bloody hell if a Cockroach approaches them, it is a good thing to say that there is no harm to communicating with it as a spirit animal. When a Cockroach approaches as your spirit animal, it is to warn you that you have been chasing after the light too much. It wants you to embrace your insecurities and allow yourself to experience your darkness. It wants you to know that it is okay to feel your negative emotions, and that there is nothing wrong with it.

Cockroach Power Animal

If you’re feeling stuck, you can ask the Cockroach for help as it is great with escape routes and rescue missions. They will help you navigate through the darkness, as long as you trust in their guidance. This also applies when you feel that you are not growing or improving at this point in your life. Overcome each struggle with the Cockroach on your side, cheering you on.

Cockroach Totem Animal

As Cockroaches can fit through a tiny hole, those with the Cockroach totem can survive through almost anything. They are fighters and survivors. They are great with getting along with people and they can adapt to any situation. People born under this totem are very intuitive. They can somehow feel when danger is afoot and know when to prepare for a fight or when to retreat and save themselves. 

While they seem to be great at being social creatures, they might have issues on discipline especially when it comes to what they absorb and digest.

Cockroach Native American Symbolism

While there isn’t a symbolism assigned to the Cockroach, the Native Americans believed that seeing one is an omen that unwelcome guests are arriving. Also, the swarming of Cockroaches and other insects are linked with curses and evil magic.

Cockroach Celtic Symbolism

The early Greeks believed that Cockroaches were a remedy for tetanus. The creatures are boiled to make tea. They were also used to make poultice for wounds. Some also eat them by frying them, seasoning with garlic before consuming. 

Cockroach Far Eastern Symbolism

For the Ancient Chinese, the Cockroach is believed to be a good omen, making it unlucky to kill one. To this day, they still consider these creatures useful that they have Cockroach farms all over the country. They are considered a cheap source of protein and are used for different types of products.

Cockroach in Dreams

While seeing a Cockroach in real life makes an impression of uncleanliness, dreaming about one is the opposite. Dreaming about it means that you’ll meet someone special soon, maybe someone powerful and important. This could be interpreted as someone who can help with your career growth or business-wise.

As they are considered lucky, dreaming of them could also mean that you’re most likely to be fortunate with games, draws, and the lottery. Moreover, it could mean a bonus from your place of work or a praise from your boss about your talents and skills.

However, if you dream of Cockroach in your food, it is then negative. It means that someone is harboring negative feelings about you and there may be betrayal involved. You should be very careful of who you should trust with your thoughts.

If the dream shows you of feeling disgusted of the Cockroaches, it could mean that you are being stressed about your environment in real life. The stress you experience of your living situation has reached your subconscious and it is telling you to make a change.

Meanwhile, killing a Cockroach in your dream is a good sign. It is a message of redemption. You’ll soon regain your motivations and your confidence about your life decisions.

Cockroach Encounters / Cockroach Omens

When you see Cockroaches flying, it most likely means that it is about to rain. However, if it is spotted at an unexpected, strange place, it could be a forewarning that you will lose a friend.

Cockroach Mythology and Folklore

There is a Latin American folktale that mentions of a Cockroach maiden named Martina, who is being courted by several animals. She wanted to find who is the best one so she followed her grandma’s advice and tried to test their anger management skills. All her suitors blew up and got upset with her, except for a mouse named Perez, whom she chose as her one true love.

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