Rosella Cosme is a writer, editor, and teacher by profession. Since 2008, Rosella has authored hundreds of articles on symbolisms and zodiac signs for several local publications. She worked as the general editor on several booklets for UP Astronomical Society from 2010 until 2014. Rosella is also a writer for the Bustus School Values Education, a school organization that assists teachers in upholding student morals and other related topics.

“We are all inextricably connected to the world around us.”

Rosella Cosme

Hep6.com was created to support deeper and meaningful connections with meanings and symbolisms, whether they are on spirit or physical forms. It is easy to forget ourselves and our journeys when we ignore the many messages, meanings, and symbols that surround us in our daily lives.

When you start developing an interest, you start to realize that its beauty is in not knowing what you will find. It will excite you and fascinate you.

The aim is to have others discover the special bonding we all share with our surroundings. It is to have everyone find information, knowledge, and wisdom that can serve them in their daily life and support their personal development and journey through life by connecting more deeply with the spirit of symbolisms.

In essence, symbolism is a universal language with which we are all familiar. Our ancestors believed the use of symbols could empower us, enlighten us, and aid us in our journey through life.

Symbols can be representations of our inner character and dynamics in our lives. In many traditions, our relationship with symbolisms is a reminder that all life is sacred. Following the footsteps of many traditions from all around the world, this website adopts a contemporary perspective on the subject.

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