10 Pine Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Pine Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Pine Tree Facts

There are three popular Christmas trees – Spruce, Fir, and Pine Tree – because of the resemblance to each other. Pine Trees belong to a family of evergreen conifers marked by their needle-like leaves and cone-bearing seeds. The Pine Tree is the largest conifer family. The tree commonly thrives in forests of the Northern Hemisphere.

The Pine Tree is notable for its height and life span. The tallest Pine Tree is around 81 meters or 268 feet tall which is found in Oregon’s national forest. In general, the tree can live up to 1,000 years old. The oldest Pine Tree is recorded at 4,800 years old which is found in the White Mountain of California. The tree is called Methuselah, a character in the Bible who lived up to 969 years old.

Pine Tree Uses

For the environment, the Pine Tree offers a lot of beneficial uses. Pine Trees are effective for purposes of reforestation and protection from soil erosion. Pine Trees can reproduce quickly because of its seed cones. While growing, the roots can reach deeply and hold the top soil intact. The Pine Tree needles that cover the ground also protects the soil from water and wind, making it an effective tree in the prevention of soil erosion. Aside from its aromatic scent, the Pine Tree also helps the environment by substantially reducing carbon dioxide.

Similar to other evergreen trees, the Pine Tree has antibacterial, expectorant, and antiseptic properties. Boling the Pine Tree needles for tea is being prepared to treat cough, colds, and flu. Similarly, essential oil from the Pine Tree can be utilized for aromatherapy. The inner bark and resin of the Pine Tree can also be used for cleaning wounds. More so, the resin can be applied as a natural insect repellant.

Pine Tree History

The genus Pinaceae, which the Pine Tree family belongs to, evolved during the Jurassic Period. The oldest relative of the evergreen tree is the Cathaya and fossils of the Cathaya were traced back to the Pleistocene period or around 11 million years ago. Pine Trees are believed to have originated in the Iberian Peninsula and was distributed in the Mediterranean region.

Pine Tree Positive Symbolism

The Pine Tree is a symbol of glory and beauty. In Isaiah 60:13 of the Bible, God planted the Fir Tree, Pine Tree, and Box Tree in the land of Lebanon to beautify the place of sanctuary. After sin and enemies were removed from Jerusalem, the Jews were able to return to their land and worship God. The Pine Tree in this verse symbolizes that we need to “remove sin and enemies” in our life. After that, we can enjoy God’s promise of beauty, glory, and strength.

In addition, the Pine Tree is a symbol of peace in the Bible. As discussed above, the Pine Tree is God’s promise of sanctuary. In the place of sanctuary, violence and fights are replaced by understanding and righteousness. Every person will experience God’s glory.

Similarly, the Pine Tree is also a symbol of peace to the Iroquois tribe of Native Americans. The Pine Tree played an important role in unifying six tribes of Native Americans forming the Iroquois League. The founding fathers of the Iroquois League planted a White Pine Tree in the 15th century and the tree was called the “Tree of Peace”.

The Pine Tree also symbolizes immortality as well as intelligence. Pine Trees symbolize immortality because of its evergreen nature. The Pine needles stay green all year-round, seemingly unaffected by the change of seasons. They are also known to be able to survive for thousands of years.

The long life of the Pine Tree is attributed to the intelligence of the tree. The Pine Tree can adapt to soil whether the land be rocky, wet, or dry. It can also bend its branches to avoid breaking in the presence of a strong wind.

Pine Tree Negative Symbolism

Considering that the Pine Tree is a symbol of longevity, having them removed or uprooted can bring bad luck. This is the reason some people prefer not buying a new house with Pine Trees nearby that needs clearing. Besides, it is a bad omen to have the tree die on your property.

Pine Tree Cultural Symbolism

Pine Trees were significant offerings during rituals in Ancient Mayan civilization. It is believed to be sacred and its wood was being used to light up fire during rituals and ceremonies. The Pine Tree was also favored for building temples.

In the United States, Native Americans view the Pine Tree as a symbol of longevity, wisdom, and harmony with nature. The Iroquois tribe believes that the Pine Tree can pacify ghosts and drive away nightmares. They burn the wood and its resin to clear negative energy and achieve protection against witchcraft.

In China, the Pine Tree is considered as one of the Three Friends of Winter. It is called as such because it stays green and healthy even throughout the winter season. Some even consume the seed, Pine cone, and resin from the Pine Tree thinking that it would make their life longer. The Pine Tree is a symbol of longevity and solitude. In art works, it is often depicted with cranes and mountains signifying its close relation to heaven.

Pine Tree Zodiac Sign

In Celtic astrology, the Pine Tree governs those who were born or conceived on February 21 to March 2 and August 25 to September 3. People born under the Pine Tree are optimistic and tenacious. They are bold and take risks which often leads them to achieving every goal they want. They can be persistent, able to improvise, and quick in solving problems. Unfortunately, their tenacity can make them insensitive to other people who cannot keep up with them. Because of how fast they want to achieve their goals, they can be impulsive in their decisions.

The Pine Tree is ruled by the planet Mars and is associated with Pisces.

Pine Tree in Dreams

A healthy Pine Tree appearing in a dream means that you are strong and courageous. You may be going through a difficult time and the Pine Tree reminds you that you can survive through the difficulty. On the other hand, a withered or dying Pine Tree shows that you are letting fears, doubts, and bad habits weigh you down.

A forest or group of Pine Trees in a dream is a good sign that you are content and right where you should be. You are on the right path to success and you can achieve your goals.

Pine Tree Omens and Superstitions

Native Americans use the Pine Tree for several purposes. They associate the Pine Tree with rain and would burn its branches and Pine cones to induce rain and winds. They would also burn Pine Tree chips, cones, and resins inside new homes before moving in to remove energy from previous occupants.

In some Asian countries like China and Korea, the Pine Tree is associated with new year and new life. A branch of a Pine Tree is placed on the door if there is a newborn baby in the house. This is to celebrate the life of the newborn baby and to keep evil spirits away.

Pine Tree Mythology and Folklore

In Greek mythology, the Pine Tree was born from the body of Pitys. Pitys was a mountain nymph being courted by Pan, the god of the wild, shepherds and their flock, and rustic music. In one version, Pitys was turned into a Pine Tree to avoid Pan. Another version claims that Pitys died because she chose Pan over Boreas, a wind god. Boreas then threw her body over the cliff. Gaia pitied her and changed Pitys body into the Pine Tree.

In Japan, there are many myths and stories about the Pine Tree. According to one myth, the Pine Tree was planted by a Shinto god making it a sacred place where spirits resided. Shinto gods and goddesses used the branches of the Pine Tree to descend to the earth and spend time here.

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