10 Ash Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Ash Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Ash Tree Facts

From the Oleaceae family, the Ash Tree is a deciduous tree that can be found in North America and the Northern parts of Europe and Asia. It has a grayish bark that is smooth when young and becomes furrowed when old. It has compound leaves that have 5 to 13 leaflets with toothed margins.

The flower it produces are small, purple, and arranged in clusters. It is a dioecious tree which means that the male and female flowers develop on separate plants. The fruit that it bears is called Samara. Only female Ash Trees produce the fruit. Depending on the species of the tree, they can survive from 30 to 300 years.


Ash Tree Uses

A wide variety of products can be made from Ash Trees. It is used in the prevention of damage from frost and would you believe that it is also used in making cheese?

The woods obtained from this tree are perfect for the production of baseball bats, canoe paddles, office furniture, electric guitars, drums, soaps, and deodorants. White Ash is used for making some parts of vehicles and railroad cars. While Green Ash is used in making lumber, crates, boxes, and more.

Ash Tree History

Thousands of years ago, the bark of the Ash Tree is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it was believed to treat diarrhea, dysentery, vaginal discharge, and swollen eyes.

During the 19th century, it is important for the production of carriages. Also, it is utilized in the manufacturing airplanes and boats in the past.

Ash Tree Positive Symbolism

This tree is believed to be the “Tree of Life” that connects the world of the past, present, and future together. It embodies strength and power as it has the ability to overcome and withstand several environmental conditions.

Ash tree serves as a reminder that you can also survive difficult situations in your life if you just prepare yourself.

Ash Tree Negative Symbolism

No usual negative symbolisms in life are associated with the Ash Tree. However, dreaming of cutting an Ash Tree will not be a good sign. Keep on reading to know how impending difficulties can be the meaning of this dream.

Ash Tree Cultural Symbolism

The Ash Tree in British folklore was a symbol of protection as well as healing, especially to a child. Similarly, it is also considered to have protective properties for the Vikings and Gaels. In fact, three out of five of the legendary guardian trees in Ireland were Ash Trees.

Ash Tree Zodiac Sign

People born between the 18th day of February and the 17th day of March is under the sign of Ash Tree based on Celtic tree astrology. In general, they are considered as the “enchanters” because they desire to show other people how amazing life and the world can be.

They are kind and very sensitive towards the feelings of the people around them. The strengths of this sign involve their great imagination and artistic skills. Things like writing, poetry, paintings, and other forms of art strongly catches their interest.

On the other hand, their weakness lies in the fact that they care too much about what other people think of them. They want to be isolated sometimes, causing others to think that they are anti-social.

As a partner, they are romantic and affectionate. Ash Tree sign is compatible with the signs of Firm, Elm, and Nutwood. While Pine, Lime, and Jasmine would be incompatible for them.

Ash Tree in Dreams

It is believed that dreams have meanings. If you dream about an Ash Tree, this can mean that someone is looking over you.

If you are cutting an Ash Tree in your dreams, this can be a warning sign for future difficulties that you may encounter soon. As much as possible, avoid troubles that may come your way. However, if that is not possible, always be alert and prepare yourself for the worst.

If you dream about other people cutting an Ash Tree, it means that you are keeping yourself away from unnecessary distress. You are maintaining the positivity within you.

If you see an Ash Tree in the forest in your dream, it is a sign that it is okay to give more trust to the people who are close to you. Just learn how to communicate well with them to build a stronger foundation in your relationships.

Ash Tree Omens and Superstitions

Different superstitions regarding the Ash Tree exist around the world. In some places, Ash Tree leaves especially those with an even number of leaflets are considered lucky. Putting it in your pocket will bring you good fortune in the future.

In other folk magic traditions, this tree is believed to have the ability to remove warts, boils, and other skin disorders. A person should just carry a pin in their pocket for a span of 3 days. After that, drive the pin into the tree’s bark like a knob in order for the skin disorder to disappear.

In the British Isles, the sap from the Ash Tree is believed to prevent diseases and mortality of infants. That is why they give a spoonful of Ash sap to newborn babies. In addition, the berries of the Ash Tree are placed in the baby’s cradle to protect them from mystical creatures that might take them away.

In Druidic traditions, magical staffs were made from the branch of the Ash Tree. These staffs connects the person using them to both the earth and the sky.

In Northern England, maidens place an Ash leaf under the pillow as a way to see their future partner through their dreams.

Ash Tree Mythology and Folklore

The Ash Tree is also involved in several mythologies. In the Norse lore, the mythological God Odin used the Ash Tree to create the first ever man on earth. To be granted with wisdom, he hungs it to the Yggdrasil for 9 days and nights. Yggdrasil is an eternal Ash Tree that lives in the middle of Asgard. It was known as the World Tree which touches both hell with its roots and heaven with its crowns.

In Greek mythology, Meliae which are considered the nymphs to be associated with Uranus to inhabit Ash Trees. Moreover, this tree is sacred to God Lugh in Celtic legends. The spears he and his warriors used were made of Ash Trees.

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